Lomokino is out !

The Lomographic Society Proudly Presents last week the LomoKino - Super 35 Movie Maker. This is the first camera that makes your Lomographs move on any kind of 35mm film. You can become the director of your very own LomoMovies and produce unique and precious pieces of movie art by simply winding a crank. 




Lomography in Motion

How great it must have been to witness the first pictures as they started to move or to see the Lumiere brothers amazing the crowds with their very first short films. After over 200 years of movie making, million-dollar-special-effects, big scale film studios and endless Hollywood dramas, we give you the chance to return back to the roots of movie making and witness the very first steps of moving Lomography. The LomoKino allows you to become a director yourself and capture Lomographic movies on 35 mm film of any kind: no sound, no special effects, no post production ñ just simple Lomography in motion. 


Unique Art

To become a true LomoMovie director, just simply wind the crank of the magic box to capture 144 shots on one roll of 35 mm film - which makes 36 to 48 seconds of LomoMovie. You can use any kind of 35 mm film for different effects: Slide film, colour negative, redscale or B/W. After developing the film, spool it into the specially developed LomoKinoScope and watch your Lomographs moving over and over again. What sounds very simple produces a unique piece of art which can either stay in your hands only or can be given as a special present to somebody who really deserves it. Show your sweetheart how fast your heart is really pounding or capture a flying birthday cake for your grandma who will feel catapulted back in time. 


Teaser Trailer from Lomography on Vimeo.

True Gadget

A wise man once said ìform follows functionî ñ naaaah ñ we like to say ìform follows motionî and thatís why we designed this camera to become a true gadget. Its irresistible design takes you straight back into the time when people left the audience screaming because a locomotive was speeding towards them on a movie screen and the movies were still a true business without special effects. It comes in a package either alone or with the LomoKinoScope, one film canister and a marvelous book. Its creative possibilities are so diverse that not even we can tell the limits. Itís up to you, gadget lovers, to take this baby in your hands and explore what movies used to be like the Lomographic way!


Patrick and His Animals - LomoKino from Lomography on Vimeo.

LomoMovies Online

Unlike the very first filmmakers we can call a powerful tool our own: the internet! Linking the simple technology of the LomoKino with our website, enables you to upload, watch and share your own LomoMovies. To give you a taste of the special LomoKino aesthetics and the sheer endless creative possibilities, we asked filmmakers from around the globe to create their own LomoMovies. Visit our website to get some inspiration and start shooting your first LomoMovie!


LomoKino on Black and White from Lomography on Vimeo.

Technical Details

Film type: all kind of 135 roll film 

Lens: 25mm

Exposure area: 24mm x 8.5mm: 144 images/film

Continuous Aperture: f/5.6 - f/11

Shutter: 1/100

Hand cranked: approx. 3-4 fps, 36-48 sec. movie per roll

Film counting: volume display

Focusing: (normal) 1m~infinity,(press button for) 0.6m close up

Tripod mount: yes

Retail price: tba